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Barn Conversion . Residential


During 1989 the practice worked on nineteen barn conversions in the one year which were mainly in the Cotswold area.  Due to the lack of convertible barns this project is the first for some years.  In the 1980’s planning legislation allowed more freedom for extensions and interventions than current legislation, which primarily seeks to retain the integrity of the barn much as it was built.  Invariably access to the building is nearly always limited to existing door openings as are windows, although rooflights are usually allowed.  Where cattle were lodged in the farmyard during the winter the openings in the shelter shed are now filled in to look like former barn doors.  Occasionally detailed arches and stone door hinge supports are found which can be preserved and reused.  However the roof quite often suffers badly from weather ingress and the trusses do collapse though if possible they are treated and reused.


This project converts the barn to a work-to-live property whereby it will be only occupied by a local family working in the area.  It is fortunate that the existing barn has an elongated shelter shed which will provide sufficient space for three good sized bedrooms, living accommodation and office.